Sunday, August 7, 2011

wait, what do you do?

Seems fairly ironic that about exactly a year ago I was sadly packing my bags to move back to Chicago, and now I'm packing my office for a new design gig! Going back to corporate...back to layout design. Still freelancing on the side. Still farming. And of course, still lovin' the Colorado life :)

So how do I still farm...and where is this Denver farm? It is a fantastic concept of the CSA (community supported agriculture), that's even more local...the NSA (neighborhood supported agriculture). Located in the Highlands, 12 homeowners have donated their large backyards for us to garden. Homeowners as well as garden apprentices (like myself) receive a weekly NSA share of vegetables, and the rest of the produce is sold in NSA shares and at the Highlands farmers market.

Check it out!

It's an efficient use of space, water and human energy. Veggies are much more useful than a lawn! And it saves me trips to the grocery store where I'm overwhelmed with well-travelled, out of season produce and packaged foods with ingredients I can't pronounce. BTW: I hear the rule of thumb for packaged foods is to only buy if it has 5 ingredients or less. So long cereal...hello real oats!

Anyway, a seasonal update: most everything is now in season, except for asparagus, rhubarb, spinach, and peas. Spinach will come back around in the fall. There's not really any reason to buy anything grown outside the states, except bananas. That's next on my 'to grow' list :)

**Public Service Announcement**

After 5 years of bike commuting, it was bound to happen. Bicyclist's worst nightmare come true: I got doored.

Events like this remind me that we are not invincible. I'm so thankful for insurance coverage. Thankful I still have my eyes and my life. Thankful for my friends who came to the rescue.