Monday, December 16, 2013

vitamin-D day

After snowing 7 consecutive days, it finally stopped for the afternoon. Almost a bluebird day...but hey, I'll call this a vitamin-D day!

quaint downtown Petoskey

breakwall...with 2 feet of hilly ice

finding purpose

When you are unemployed, it is easy to fall into the slump of sleeping in and doing absolutely nothing...what is the point of getting up if there's nothing to do, right?

So to make myself purposeful, I've gotten into the rotation of yoga, shoveling, reading, photographing walks, and cooking.

Cooking might be the most rewarding to me because I've also made it the most challenging. I have purchased a local CSA winter share, which means a bag of veggies every 2 weeks. Which means, the only things really in season (or in winter storage) are carrots, turnips, kale, potatoes, winter squash, and radishes. It will be interesting, considering my go-to is to sauté everything.

One of my first experiments is kimchi! My version is carrots, daikon radishes, and garlic, which is currently soaking in salt water. It is a couple days away from being ready.

And complete sidebar...I made flour tortillas from scratch! Olé!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

christmas morning...every morning

It doesn't stop!

I thought I'd return the favor and shovel the neighbors sidewalks. Afterwards, Drew told me that the CITY paves each and every sidewalk here. Not that you can tell after a few hours and a few inches...but insanely enchanting nonetheless.