Monday, July 12, 2010

a look at Chipotle

If there's one thing I miss about working in the city, it's eating at Chipotle every week. I can't get enough of their chicken burrito bowls and delicious chips and guac! I was able to go there a couple weeks ago...which was the first time since I moved from Chicago. Though seemingly less salty than what I remembered, or what Chicago served, it was still delicious :)

At the register I picked up their notecard describing their Food with Integrity. After learning as much as I have about proper farm verbage, I was able to really understand what all those words meant. For example, I had to laugh at "more naturally raised meat," "40% organically grown beans" (can I just have those beans please?) and "vegetarian fed" other words, not 100% organic, and not 100% grassfed (corn is a vegetable!)

I do commend them for raising antibiotic and hormone-free meats and dairy cows, along with using local farms where possible. Little steps go a long way for them, and by supporting companies like these, hopefully they can eventually go the distance and use 100% organic, 100% grassfed.

I tried doing some research on Qdoba and came back with no such high standard ingredients. Perhaps this is why Chipotle is so tasty? That's what I'd like to believe!

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