Monday, February 7, 2011

happy with today

Welcome to February. Usually the second month of miserable, dreary and frigid days...short days of daylight that seem to drag on forever and ever, and make me wonder if summer ever existed.

Not anymore! Sure, I'm still a summer baby, more than ready for some time in the garden. But here I am, getting plenty of time outside and soaking in extra vitamin D with all these days of sunshine. When snowboarding lessons and equipment seemed to fall into my lap (thanks friends!), I gave it a nervous shot and think I've finally put my C turns together into S's...meaning I'm getting the hang of it :)

It's unreal leaving 50 degrees each weekend to drive an hour for another vacation destination. As per our weekend group discussions in the mountain-top hot-tub...every day feels like a vacation. Even now that my funemployment is over.

That's right, I got a job! A part time design gig, which could turn into a full time job in a couple months. I am one of 3 employees...far from the thousands I was used to in the corporate world :) I'm still getting used to not using a badge...and still getting used to hearing about people here refusing promotions so that they can still enjoy their personal lives. Love it :)

So less perks with this small firm you ask? Nope! This means there's opportunity to help a company grow...and I can still test drive freelancing on the side. And have bike commuted 100 miles for a week in January. Unbelievable :)

...and best of all, I accepted an apprenticeship for urban gardening! At 20 hours/month it won't be as intense as the farm this summer, but I hope to learn different organic styles and expand on what knowledge I have. I can't wait to meet some backyard goats and chickens too :)

Meanwhile back in my apt where I'm trying to save money on's taking more of a toll on my herb seedlings :( Growth is slow, if not stopped! Maybe I should use heat lamps, but it seems kinda fake and a waste of energy. Guess I'll just have to be patient for the next few months...concentrate on current excitement of riding (bikes and boards), visitors (fam and friends!), and training for some adventure races in Equador. oh yeah!

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