Thursday, February 16, 2012


New year, new resolutions. I have a huge list of things I want to do/see...knowing I won't get to all of them, but will be happy to cross off a few. And overall: grow a little more than last year.

But my main goal? To be real. Wait, no...more than be a real woman sounds kinda bitchy and dramatic. A little too blatant. Let's have a little more compassion...little more vibrance...

To be PURE.

Inside out. Transparent. Simple. Raw. Light. Wholesome. Peaceful. Nourishing. Beautiful.
How do I do that? DETOX.

So I'm starting from scratch. Starting with the stuff I can easily change. Well, easy might be an understatement when it comes to ridding myself of these: toxins and plastics. I've never said this before, but this stuff is the devil! Maybe we'll never be able to fully rid it of our lives, but using it seems to bring hell to earth.

And considering that toxins are pretty much in every body product, I think I'm finally and slowly giving up on makeup and deodorant. Will this cause me to detox some unhealthy relationships then too? hha... I don't want to hide behind a painted face. And seeing how even 'pure' deodorants like Toms still had a toxic ingredient for the first ingredient, I've switched to mixing coconut oil and baking soda. So far I still have friends...they must be really sweet or it must be working...hopefully both :) Farm interns, you were onto something, but next time I want you to press the issue :)

In my office, a fridge full of free HFCS (aka Pop/Soda/Soda Pop) magically appeared one day, and keeps replenishing itself. Apparently it's cheap. Cancer is not. Dr. Pepper is my weakness, especially with company lunches of pizza or mexican food. I keep telling myself 'everything in moderation' and I'll stick to that. Same story with vino with pasta, and cold beer with summer concerts...I am only human :) Baby steps and eventually I hope to wean myself off crappy foods. I know even not to stick my nose up to food someone else provides. Thank goodness there's now a bottomless basket of fresh fruit in the office. And I believe Lent will be a good time to test the water as a vegan....more to come on that...

I've also rid my life of useless crap. Baggage. Books I don't read. Stuff I'll never use. Fridges that don't work. And now especially, toxins and plastics :)

I enjoy roller coasters, the work hard/play hard...but I'm gonna sit back and enjoy the ride. Take things slow. Have pure and healthy influences. Continue to surround myself with people who are true to themselves, not always surface level, not always accommodating. Go to bed on time...not cram everything into every last minute which is why I'm always late :) Answer my emails and texts punctually so they don't stare at me from my inbox :) And continue to travel the world and appreciate the little things :)

I want to be pure for myself, to utilize the full potential of my energy and life.
I've been blessed with this shell and want to honor my Creator.
I want to be a good influence for my friends, I want to be strong to uplift them.
I desire a soulmate who values the same purity, the same truth, the same spirit.
I want to be a good role model for the little kiddos with wide eyes, the next generation that will build upon ours.
I challenge my peers to have the same vision, or challenge me back so that we all learn.
I'm grateful for what I've learned from my elders, and for expanding on that knowledge.

Pure output is much easier with pure inputs. Here's a little inspiration.

Goodness, I do sound like quite the hippie :)

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