Wednesday, July 25, 2012

CO proud

After recent events of wildfires and movie theater shootings...plenty of folks have told me to get the heck out of this state, jokingly yes, but I still say there is some truth in jokes! Chicago for sure scared me off, tacking one dealbreaker onto the next til I eventually quit. There's still plenty of positives to overpower the negatives to keep me in Colorado for a good long run...for example... PEACHES! I contemplated driving 3 hours over to the western slope as soon as I heard word that these beauties were in season, early this year, mind you. I would welcome 70 degree temps of the cool mountains to the near 100 degrees we've been experiencing in the city lately. Considering I took my sweet time waking up that Saturday, and considering my drive would be longer than my actual visit, I decided to see if there would be peaches at the local farmers markets. And there were!! And here's where I become most proud... THE ORGANIC ONES WERE SOLD OUT! ok, so maybe I was upset at first, considering I wouldn't be walking away w/ peaches that day. But I recall a day in Indiana when I was going to make pumpkin pancakes, just after it was announced that there was a pumpkin shortage. I trekked to the store in search of pumpkin anyway, of course, not finding it...until it dawned on me...this is INDIANA. No one uses the organic section, let's look there. And VOILA! Organic pumpkin. Aplenty. Looking at the overall picture, I'm not sure how I should take in the facts. If I want to help the world eat healthier, I should probably go to the most unhealthy of places. On the other hand, it's inspiring being in a community that supports healthy eating/growing habits. Good news is that there's opportunity for learning and growth I'm stayin' put and stayin' Colorado proud for now :)

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