Thursday, October 11, 2012

End of a season

October 5. Here it is. Snow!

This time comes with mixed feelings:

Really? Summer's over already? But my peppers finally overcame the aphids! And a cucumber plant finally has a cucumber the size of a pea! j/k in Colorado! This week is back up to the 70s. Thank you sunshine! And moveable pots (even if the only thing I can grow in them is baby size).

Here are my potted green zebra tomatoes, hiding from the snow.

Finally! Summer was so flippin' hot this year and I'm ready for these dang veggies to frost over. And I've definitely OD'd on arugula. Even my freezer can't take anymore of it.

But we didn't get a fall! Oh, except for every brisk summer night...which is why I still love this place. Constant up and down to appease everyone! There is something nostalgic about fall in the midwest, be it the colors or the temps or the silly awesome festivals. I can't believe I fell for the pumpkin festival back home, but I missed it once again this year. Punkin' Chuckin' this weekend in Aurora, CO, should hopefully somewhat satisfy that craving.

Bring on the winter! Bring on the soup! And the snow! and the snowboarding!! I'm banking on this year being great for snow in the mountains...anything will be better than last year's. Oh, and Wisconsin. just sayin' :)

Guess it's time to get tires for winter!


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