Saturday, March 23, 2013

Was 'planning' in my job description?

'What is the plan for today?'

I think that is my new least-favorite-question-of-the-week. My friend Jess is here for a week. I'm not sure I warned him much as I loved traveling for the past few months, my focus has shifted drastically. The mountains have sunk in from all this snow this week, yet we just went up one day to board (yes, I frustrate myself being the slowest driver in the snow, even with my week-old all-weather tires). Last week my focus was on de-cluttering my apartment in prep for my houseguest and for my upcoming MOVE. This week my focus is on THE FARM. This is why I traveled, cramming in as much as I could before settling back down on a career that will consume me much more than any 9-5...but one that I'm feeling will be much more fulfilling.

So yes, this blog will most likely return to its farming theme...its roots, if you will. Just like the name of our farm: True Roots Farm. It was time-consuming to make a consensus for our team of 4, but I think we're all pretty proud of the name, and think it's solid enough to last for awhile! You can bookmark the website now, although it will still be a month before it's officially launched with our brand:

The farm is located in the heart of Wheat Ridge, the first neighborhood west of Denver. I'm refusing to call it a suburb because I will be moving there in 2 short weeks...and I refuse to believe that I'll be living anywhere besides a city or the country. It will be hard to say goodbye to my apartment of 2.5 years: the longest place I've lived since high school! The apartment has been perfect with its close proximity to everything: the city, city park, cheesman park, my church, the library, whole foods, the post office, my friends! Perhaps I won't miss the close proximity to the fire station and sirens...until my house catches on fire, or my car gets buried under a pile of snow again.

My travels have prepped me well for this transition though, as they taught me how to live with less, how to live with others (again), and how an apartment is just a place...home can be anywhere. Which makes me strangely thankful that my apartment still smells like that dang smelly Irish Spring boy makes it easier to leave if it's still cursed with that stench!

And I'm excited to move in with friends again! It's just a few blocks walk from the farm, and a decent 6 mile ride to my current neighborhood if I'm craving some summertime in the city. Did I mention our big backyard with a huge grill? We will have lots of bbqs this summer.

And that is my generic plan, if I were to make one. Design logos today, farm tomorrow, bbq this summer. Done. Enough planning already.

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