Friday, November 8, 2013

back to midwest roots

With a farm name like True Roots farm, we're constantly talking about not just our vegetable roots, but also our heritage roots. After closing up the market for the season and put all but the still-happily-living brassica beds to rest for the winter, I have made my way back to my roots...back to Michigan.

I'm in a quaint little town in Northern Michigan, called Petoskey. It's situated just south and a little east of Lake Michigan...which tends to confuse me where the sun rises and sets.

A cloudy and chilly 39 degrees today. I try not to peak at Denver's 68 degrees and sunshine. After all, Denver's apple blossoms froze this year...definitely not the case here!

A bag 'o' apples a day keeps the doctors away!

A clear Lake Michigan.

The almighty Lake Michigan in all her glory.

Empty winterized docks.

Bear river. And thankfully, I did not get mauled by any bears on this hike.

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