Wednesday, August 18, 2010

back to reality

Turns out waterproof mascara is perfect for more than just swimming and wakeboarding...also good for trips back to the midwest! I dilly-dallied packing the car... waiting til the very last moment to say goodbye to home...

Mountains gradually disappearing in my rearview mirror, kombucha spilling at every stop for gas, and me passing every car on the right (as Coloradans do)...I eventually made it to Omaha for the night. It wasn't until here when I was tossing the end of my eaten farm zucchini out the window (highway composting!) that I felt the thick air. Eek! Humidity! I forgot that even existed!

I spent an enjoyable night with family, then left the next morning for central Illinois. This drive through Iowa I actually noticed a few grassfed cow farms! I didn't use an entire hand to count them all, but I was impressed to see cows in the land of corn nonetheless.

Apparently I-80 was closed down after Des Moines for flooding, and within that hour and a half wait to get through the parking lot traffic, I decided that perhaps grassfed cows ARE the solution to everything. If these cornfields had a more stable root system, with perennial grasses vs. annual corn, the roots could soak up all that water. And of course, grassfed cows would help mow and fertilize the grasses in the meantime. hmmmm....

Here's a shot from the exciting drive in the midwest... :)

I made it back to central IL, repacked my car with the city life necessities (dress clothes, heels, mace, bike locks) and it was back to Chicago for me! My excitement to get back to my friends and coworkers and pizza and bike riding on flat land and the 'beach' was overcome with anxiety as I approached the traffic and the high rises. oi! But I appreciated the aggressive drivers...and especially appreciated all the welcome hugs :)

Turns out my entire first week has been an easy transition...full of welcome backs :) I stepped into my office building, seeing it in a whole new light. That place is so clean...and so sterile! Definitely not in Kansas anymore. I was greeted with a desk, completely wrapped in wrapping paper, even individual desk pens. LOL.

My coworkers' fantasy football party, also my boss's birthday, included a 'welcome back, Pickles' cake instead of birthday cake...

My car got welcomed back to the hood with some lovely key scratches :)

...but I soon remembered that there are thoughtful people in this world :)

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