Monday, August 23, 2010

city pickles

Some days I feel like nothing's changed and my sabbatical never happened. Other days I feel completely out of place here. I appreciate both sides of the coin, since I'm not looking to settle for either.

I couldn't ask for a more generous roommate, Marky Mark, for letting me crash at his place until I figure out where to go next. In fact, Mark's so generous that we had a third roommate...all of us sharing his one bedroom in a hi-rise. Tight quarters, but I'm so thankful to be able to spend time with him since I haven't for the past few months. And thankfully this weather's been great, so we spend the majority of our time outdoors anyway.

I was overly confident thinking that since I could run 3 miles in the mile-high city that I would be able to run twice as fast or twice as long in the second city, but the humidity soon stopped me about a mile in my tracks. Ick! After a few bike commutes to help me adjust to the weather, I'm back to running precisely 3 miles. Don't ask me my time though :)

This weekend I biked up to the Evanston farmer's market to find the infamous "Henry" of Henry's Farm in Congerville, IL...where my farm manager, Michael, apprenticed and learned everything he knows about gardening. I've been many of farmers markets around the city, but none quite of this size! Henry's farm stand was spilling out of 3 tents...and there were a dozen other farm vendors this size. Heavenly!

I thought back to my farming friends in Colorado, harvesting a plethora of these farm goodies...while I had to limit myself to a bookbag and walletful :)

I returned to Mark's and stacked the fridge with my purchases, while he wondered what he signed up for! I can't help but get super excited talking about fresh produce and the happy grassfed cows I once knew! For the rest of our meals I drag Mark to 'Whole Paycheck' or spend hours reading labels in Jewel and educating Mark about the importance pasture raised chicken. I even guilted him into buying a reusable bag and recycling at home. Sorry buddy! You'll thank me later :)

Needless to say, I'm overwhelmed being back outside the sunrise bubble, with the abundance of plastic bags and processed foods at restaurants and grocery stores, and the lack of composting and knowledge of our impacts. I'm still finding that happy balance between going out to dinner with friends and staying in to cook my own meals. One step at a time...


  1. Henry looks picture perfect! Thats awesome you got the meet him. And hey lady your sabbatical totally happened, you best never forget us!

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  3. I'm so happy to hear you're converting people to the light side! Speak the truth to anyone who will listen!

    That's so cool that you met Henry--I think we all of the interns should at some point in our lives . . .