Friday, February 1, 2013

Never try, never know

Sadly today I had to leave Pai :(. It was a perfect little mountain retreat. I did nothing there and I don't even feel bad about it. There where elephants and waterfalls and hot springs to see and scooters and bikes to ride, but the hostel hammocks and their view from the hill was just too hard to pass up. And again, the people were fantastic.

A few guys from London got tattoos in thai of this blogs title. I think it's pretty inspiring! Reminds me to soak up the opportunities while I'm here...not let them pass...not that I regret slumming in the hammock today :)

So far on my journey, the oldest traveller I've met has been 28. And my two month trip is the shortest of all travelers as well. Most are traveling for 6 months, some upwards to 18 months. And few are Americans. I feel special. Our culture must really appreciate the comforts of home!

After finding my first volunteer for our farm back home (would be cool anyway!) I walked to the train station. I handed a driver my ticket and he directed me to a minibus. That driver pointed to his watch and motioned the minute hand on his watch circling to 4:30. So my 4pm bus was late. So I thought. 4:30 rolls around, the driver motions me over to board, then he's confused that someone has taken my assigned seat. I hand him my ticket. Yesterday's bus ticket. For 14:30. Wrong ticket. I hand him the correct one for today...that bus was actually on time. And it's gone. Crap! I head to the desk and try to explain in simple English. Thankfully there's another bus in 10 minutes but he wanted another 150 baht (the full price for a new ticket...granted, it's US$5). I plea and the 4:30 driver must've given an ok too. And I'm graciously on the 4:40 bus without paying more.

Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad though...I could've stayed in pai for $3 all you can eat sushi with my hostel mates! I hate to admit this, but tonight was the first time I ate real Thai food. (My egg and toast breakfasts haven't counted) it was delicious, even if it was basic chicken, vegetables and rice!

Flight out of chiang mai tomorrow evening. Then Vietnam on Sunday!

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