Sunday, April 14, 2013

Same same, but different they say in Thailand. That seems to explain my situation these days.

I'm finally feeling a little settled into my new place in Wheat Ridge. It's been a bit tricky merging two households, but I like being forced to fit my belongings within a space, and purge all the unnecessaries. I know I still have too many clothes for those 'just in case' instances, when really, all I will wear this summer will be a couple rotated dirty farm outfits, and a couple casual summer dresses for when I want to be seen in public. I would love to burn all my corporate work attire, but I'll hold off until the farm, and or my freelance design, becomes sustainable income.

Long gone are the days I could pack with 4 suitcases vs. 4 vehicles.
My roommates may be some of the most compatible roommates I have had to this day, with the exception of my dear Kate from the farm, or my siblings, if that's fair to count them. Obviously our lifestyles and values are quite parallel, especially owning an organic farm together. So we equally appreciate healthy meals, bike rides, our backyard complete with perennials, a huge grill, and fire pit, local restaurants, zero cable, and overall just simple living. I especially enjoy that they love to cook and I can trade-off with washing dishes. And when Christa saved two bites for tomorrow's leftovers, it felt as if we've been sisters our entire lives.

Homemade leek and potato soup, with a side of chicken salad on a rice cake...mmm...

Thankfully Dan and Christa have lived in the neighborhood for a year and a half, so they know the in and outs of where to go. They too came from Cap Hill and have my same appreciation for the city life, while finding home a little further out. Wheat Ridge is a wide mix of grandparents and retirement homes, Italians, Hispanics, and newly married hipsters who just can't quite afford Denver Highlands...and/or, they want bigger yards and fixer-upper houses. A brand new Wal-mart just opened a few blocks from us. I hate to admit that I've already been there twice in the past two days for a silly watch band. Somehow I'd feel better buying a knock-off in SE Asia because it seems like it would support a local small business. My watch broke a month too late though!

Anyway, the farm is a few blocks from Wal-mart, along the other main road of 38th. I'm sure many folks will drive past it on their way to Wal-mart or other chains and not think twice. But here's hoping we might peak a bunch of curious minds, enough so that they stop in. There is probably no chance of us beating the price of big chains, but I believe we'll provide much more valuable produce. First up will be peas and radishes...they are looking great from all this snow we've had!

Peas surfacing!

In many ways it feels as though I'm on a sabbatical again: farming and living with roommates in this (semi) country space. I even saw a fox on my walk one of the first signs of wildlife that I saw up in Loveland. I've spent so much time in Highlands over the years that it's practically home...I do wonder if I'll have the desire to move six miles back to the city or if I'll stick around here for awhile...or go even further out where there's more land. Only time will tell!

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