Wednesday, May 1, 2013

sprouting sweetness

I rekindled an ol' flame: grapefruit! I think I only semi-liked them as a kid because they were another breakfast dish that allowed me to get my daily dose of a few tablespoons of sugar. Maybe that's why I still like it...but now that they are in season (at the end, actually), they are much more sweet than tart. So needless to say, I'm going to miss these when they are out of season, and will have to find a new fruit or berry to top my oatmeal in the mornings!

And to have a part of them in my life everyday...and since I've attempted with some success with other fruits...why not try to sprout some grapefruit seeds and grow my own tree? Considering my other stone fruits haven't sprouted and my roommates rolling eyes from all these cherry, peach, plum, avocado, and mango pits...I was surprised when I unrolled the moist paper towel to find these beauties! Perhaps my next venture will include orchards...

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