Monday, February 3, 2014

Small town stories

There is nothing to do in Fethiye, they said. Koreans come here to paraglide. I come here to do nothing. Here's where i can hear the real stories though...small towns are like that. 

The hostel owner also owns a boat tour which cruises along the Mediterranean coastline of turkey. So now that it's winter, many of the boat crew work at the hostel. It's a fun group, as they invite me and my new friend Marie (we just kept crossing paths in different cities!) to dine with them. Nothing says authentic like a home cooked Turkish dinner. The first night we had grilled fish with salad. The next was roasted chicken with potatoes and vegetables and rice. With dinner we had raki, which is a Turkish spirits that tastes like black licorice. That was the only thing i wasn't a fan of. 

They all speak pretty good English. Some of my jokes don't translate well but that's ok. You can tell they are anxious for the warm temps so they can get back on the boat. 

During the days I mostly hike around on my own. Even though it's along the water, the land quickly inclines to steep hills and mountains, which makes for gorgeous viewpoints. 

Yesterday I visited some ruins and saw some beautiful natives: shepherds, old and young, and a girl holding out flowers to cars that were driving past. 

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