Saturday, February 1, 2014


If I lived in turkey I would own a bus company whose buses had bathrooms inside and nonstop service. And over night buses would have fully reclining seats. Heck, let's put them in planes too. Surely they can be engineered to fit the same amount of people. Like business class sleepers only tighter. Not sure how people can sleep in chair seats well. 

So besides the torture of the overnight bus that my cheap self put myself through, cappadocia was beautiful. I admit that I had higher expectations. People told me it was a magical place and the highlight of their trip. I wouldn't go that far...but I'm also not here during the best season. That crazy stray dog was the highlight for me. 

The balloon flight this morning was stunning. People have belittled balloon flights for its lack of excitement, but perhaps that's bc of the view. We were able to go up and down throughout the chimneys that were otherwise too steep to hike or bike through. The sun came out for a minute and it even snowed a bit! Our pilot joked that it was a decent ride for his first flight. I laughed but we did end up landing on a cliff which I don't think he intended! His team had to run out and help push us up the rest of the way. Thankfully no one was too fazed by it. 

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