Thursday, January 24, 2013

Europe for a night

Waiting take-off from Munich now. I'm very happy that I was able to squeeze in an overnight layover in Europe, and now I finally have a German stamp in my passport! I forgot how quaint it is here, especially now that it is snowing with big soft flakes amongst the cozy cottages. Such a storybook, this place...again, it feels like home. Why have I said this about nearly every place now?! Also, I'm convinced that I will only fly Lufthansa from now on...such pleasant flights!

Despite 20 degree temps and sporting only my fleece and thin scarf (thankful i packed more than sandals!), I explored the city by foot yesterday. I fought off the melatonin in my head, telling me that I should be asleep. The temps helped in the fight.

The city felt like one big Christkindle market. Lots of little shops and people and of course, my favorite, gluhwein (hot spiced red wine). And what is Munich without a beer garden? It seems as though all I do is walk and drink, along with fly, huh? From the few months of German lessons, I tried my best to speak what I could. A lot of times I caught myself speaking Spanish instead though! I understood my waiter enough, but he saw me struggling with the menu and handed over an English version. When I was leaving, a charming old man, about my grandpa's age, came up to me and started to chat my ear off. I shook my head in misunderstanding and his son translated: apparently he said my hair was so long and beautiful that he wanted to braid it. Hha! I guess I was in fräulein territory!

At 7:30pm I gave up the fight against jet lag and slept soundly til 1am...thankfully able to go back to sleep for another 6 hours. Let's see how the next bout of jet lag will be in India!

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