Thursday, January 24, 2013


I have to admit, I'd never thought I'd see the day. Maybe because I never thought about this side of the world until my company branched out here and coworkers started telling me about life here.

But here I am in Mumbai! I arrived about midnight, a half hour late from all the snow and de-icing in Munich. Again, a first time experience flying in snow...I thought for sure the flight would be cancelled but I was happy it wasn't!

Another pleasant 8 hour flight...I almost wish it was longer so I could sleep more! Half kidding :) I was surprised how many people from India spoke English so well...and always wonder how they know to start speaking English to me. I guess as someone pointed out to me, English is the default for any language, especially flights. God bless America. We seriously are spoiled.

Not sure what's with me and scents, but I expected India to smell like Indian restaurants or something. The airport smelled like a hotel lobby, with a pool nearby. Must be because it's humid and was just cleaned with chlorine. Again, I like hotels with pools, so it's pleasant.

Other differences: the time is about 13.5 hours from home I think? Don't quite understand the .5 thing. Friends and I were just discussing if the moon would look different here. We went back and forth and eventually concluded that it would not look different. But it does!! It's a half moon, but the bottom half is lit up...don't we usually only see it from one side or the other lit up?!

As I waited in line for customs baggage check, the security officer pulled me aside and let me pass through without a scan. This happened before in Ecuador...what's with the gringos getting special treatment? Not sure why they'd trust a foreigner but I'll take it.

A bus ride to another terminal later, I finally meet up with Rajesh, 2 hours late! By this time he's been waiting for two hours, to generously lend me his phone so I can contact him while in the country. We've only worked virtually together, but meeting him in person did feel like we were old friends. I have to ask myself, if someone I barely knew was coming to the states, could I be as generous? From now on I will certainly attempt...would love to pay it forward.

From here I fly to Delhi for a couple days, then will meet back up with Rajesh in either the beaches of Goa or Mumbai. So not to worry, Mom and Dad! I may have forgotten to use a straw with my last drink and got a mosquito bite, but I have pills for those.


  1. I am loving reading your blog, Shannon! Keep the updates coming, and I would love to see a picture of the half moon you mentioned. Cheers friend! xoxox


    1. Thanks Keri!! I'm trying to get photos of this moon for you!