Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lessons of a simple traveler

Planes are my new bike. Airports are my new outlet source. I now sit in O'hare, on my 4 hour layover to Munich. Lots of thoughts processing from the last couple weeks, mostly just thoughts of when I can catch up in sleep! I probably should have slept instead of boarding yesterday but oh well. I explored back bowls I had never seen before, and of course, got super sleepy at the furthest point away from the base of the mountain! It was worth the few hours...even saw a little bit of South American flare.

I think back to when I was so nervous to travel...packing huge roller bags packed months in advance, dreading the flight, and overall making a huge deal of trips. Now that its become second nature, I wonder how these trips will look in my overall life picture. Just some trips or will they be life-changing?

I'm definitely learning little things here and there. Jess gave me a ton of pointers in Argentina that I can use while I travel solo this round. Help from others have been huge for this trip. It would not be possible without upper management laying me off, my coworkers and friends who encouraged me about the safety of flying, my friends who shared their travel experiences for the countries which I will see, and of course my lovelies who send me off and welcome me at the airport, with Starbucks and fresh fruit and the best hugs ever! How have I been so blessed? And how can I reciprocate?

The second thing I've taken away from this trip is learning to live more simple. I consider myself pretty good in this area, especially for a chic. But while I prepped for my subleasers, my closets are filled to the brim, just like in the open of the door and it will be messy. As the Four Hour Work Week book references, we only use 20% of our stuff, so why not cut out the excess 80%? Easier said than done. But I did pack lighter this time without my laptop or camera! Lets see how this pans out!

I understand that I have a skewed view, being unemployed...not sure if that puts me more or less in the 'real world' though. I'd like to think that I'm seeing the true meaning of life on this journey. And I realize in poorer countries that I have even less control of situations. Two of our buses and a taxi broke down, everything is dirty, there won't always be waffles when I want them!, I can't pick my hostel roommates, internet is slow, weather, businesses being open certain days of the week, subleasers settling into my apt, etc etc. Good thing I'm going to yoga countries! This will be great practice for the farm when we will have hardly any control! Maybe this trip is going to be life changing after all...

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