Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Journey to Cappadocia

Last night I took an overnight bus to cappadocia. While it was a nice bus like a greyhound, there wasn't room to sprawl and we stopped every few hours so everyone could smoke. More chaos than there were zzz's. It took a few hours to just get out of Istanbul traffic...the city is huge!

After getting in to Cappadocia, I took a hike around here. Some random German shepherd seemed to lead the way for me, even whined to encourage me to get up a steep rock climb, then wouldn't leave my side. She followed me all the way back to the hostel and didn't leave the porch for awhile after I went in. So crazy..this was a four hour hike overall. Def pulls my heart strings :)

The food is just ok. Feel a little cheated that today was the first day I had real Turkish coffee...the other days was all nescafe :p I would've gone to starbucks much sooner! Lol. Meat hasn't been so appealing so I haven't had their kabob staple. But thankfully grapefruit is in season, and eating more sheep cheese bread and yogurt than I'd like to. I miss my veggies!

Tomorrow I have a balloon ride at 6am which will be at about 32degrees. Otherwise temps are gradually getting warmer as I go. 

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