Wednesday, May 5, 2010

bike day!

Since Wednesday's are one of our days off, this morning my roommates and I started the day with a couple hours of yoga. I was feeling a bit lazy since they were all sore from working the past few days while I still haven't done much except a little hiking (in bear country I must add!!)

I feel pretty well adjusted to the altitude, so after lunch I decided to try biking into town. The bank was my destination, at 6.7 miles, which is about what I biked on my commute in Chicago. Though I knew there would be a few more hills today! My ride started with a nice mile long decent which I knew probably wasn't a good thing. But overall it was a great ride - some big and small ups and downs. And can't beat the view!! There were a few designated bike lanes but it was all on the shoulder of the roads.

When I got back, my roommate had found a bike on craigslist that she was going to buy, so the two of us drove back to town to pick it up. It was a solid old 80's Huffy, and the guy who sold it to her was obviously passionate about restoring old bikes, as he had about 6 others he was working on cleaning up. I'm glad I could help my roommate pick out a good bike, and glad I've come to appreciate the well built old machines!

Back at the ranch, my farm manager was eager to talk about Chicago, since he had lived there and worked at a farmer's market there too. Funny how he lived not more than a few blocks from my most recent place - and even knows good Mexican food. I sighed a bit when he mentioned El Tapatio. His wife is real excited that I'm here so she can hear more of his Chicago stories. And the team is still curious how this Chicago girl's gonna last here...hha :) I'll show them tomorrow! 6:30 AM pipe change!

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