Thursday, May 13, 2010

funny what we can adjust to

People think this should be a drastic change of pace for me, or perhaps this experience should be different than I expected, but neither is the case. I enjoy the hard work and I guess not much bothers me.

A few things have crossed my path that are becoming second nature to me:

1. Colorado's weather flux. mornings start with a vest, raincoat, thermals, and sweatshirt for some snow, and the day ends in a tank top and jeans.

2. composting toilets. I used to flip out when I was a kid, thinking I'd fall into the dark pit. But now it's pretty cool...especially when the water shuts off in our apartment.

3. mothers nursing in public

4. spiders. everywhere! Sure, not so much fun to see at night on my bed, but knock on wood...I haven't seen a Chicago-style silverfish/millipede thing scurrying around yet, which are much faster runners, therefore much scarier in my mind.

5. snakes, owls, elk

6. unagressive drivers driving below the speed limit, and not merging very efficiently

7. being the only girl who's unafraid of razors, LOL

8. no pop. no rye bread.

I'm sure I can add more later, but that's that for now!

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