Monday, May 3, 2010

welcoming day

I'm a person who's scared of nearly everything: scary movies, airplanes, crunchy peanut butter, bears, loud machines...but for some reason I wasn't nervous, just super excited when I was a few minutes away from the farm. Perhaps it was because in town I drove past a Chipotle. Guess I now had my backup plan figured out in case the food was too earthy for me :)

Many people and many hugs after arriving, my farm manager led me around a mini tour, showing me my new 'office' (the gardens) and my 2 minute 'commute'. She showed me to the greenhouse full of sprouting basil, tomatoes, and other greens.

My new home is a 70's style 3 BR apartment with the other farm interns (also young women). They are super sweet and even helped me cart in all my stuff...though their eyes got big when they saw how much I brought. And I thought I packed light! We had each brought 2 suitcases - only one of mine was dedicated to shoes :) like I say...I'm a country girl in the city, a city girl in the country...

Timing was right on, as I got there just in time for a potluck. What a spread! Beyond hummus, guac, and quinoa, I don't think I recognized anything, but it was all so good. Some root stew, homemade kiwi mango sourbet, dandelion salad, dandelion flowers and rhubarb bread (sweet and tasty). I think I'll eat well here!

To top off the evening, one of the interns had seen a foxhole that afternoon, so we ventured out to see it. When we got there we saw the mother run towards the hole, then 3 tiny fox pups popped up out of their hiding spot to check us out. They were all cuddling up on each was too precious! hopefully I can get pics next time to post. That was yesterday - and today I saw a bald eagle. Incredible. And I haven't even picked a single weed or planted anything yet! That happens Thursday and I'm pretty stoked :)


  1. I'm smiling from ear to ear! Sounds so amazing! Have fun for all of us stuck over here!

  2. Enjoy Shannon! This is such a great opportunity.. looking forward to hearing more!

  3. it makes me so sad that you're scared of crunchy peanut butter! you're missing out!

    can't wait to hear more about your adventure!!

  4. LOL! "Scared of loud machines"! Yep, that's our Shannon. :) Sounds like a seriously awesome place so far. And I'm mostly jealous about your "70s style" apartment.