Monday, May 3, 2010

journey to the farm

My journey began in Chicago, packing up with a carload of my last possessions and leaving with a lighter set of keys! Finally got on the road at 9 PM and said goodbye to the city lights with a drive south Lake Shore Drive. I might just miss that view!

Once at Mom's, I spent the night unpacking and repacking. The easiest decision to make about what stayed and what would come with: office attire. So long, dress pants...every day will be free jeans day! :) But do I pack heels 'just in case' or my non-organic soaps?! By 5 AM I was finally done deciding what was essential, what wasn't, and what I wouldn't want to have shipped or repurchased if I needed it in the future.

Two hours of sleep later, I was back to packing up the car. It all fit! And even after putting up the car bike rack, I fit the bike in the car to avoid the heavy winds. Silly, I'm sure :)

It was an easy six hour drive to Kansas City, where I'd stay with a friend. Of all the gas stations and restaurants and coffeeshops we went, I didn't open a door once! Who knew a city could be so chivalrous? Even while standing in line for the restroom a woman offered to hold my stuff so I wouldn't have to set it down on the floor. I was very impressed with the city.

After leaving Kansas City I spotted a cow roaming in the highway median. Lots of thoughts crossed my mind at that point: is that really a cow? will it bolt in front of me? how did it get there? will the cows escape like this on the farm I'm going to? Needless to say, after all this thinking, I was too late for the photo opportunity :(

9 hours later the mountains came into view and I knew I was home!

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