Monday, January 20, 2014

Chicken, pasta, or kosher?

Thats right folks. We have landed in the holy land, full of holy fruits, holy history, holy waters, and holey socks. That last one is just me I think :)

We arrived Sunday at 3pm, took a short walk along the Mediterranean before the sunset, then ate this holy delicious dinner: 

Not street food so perhaps not as real. But clean and fresh and wonderful regardless. Lots of eggplant and chick pea dishes to be expected! 

We crashed by 8 pm since none of us had slept much on the flight. Then roughly back up at 7 am for a huge breakfast spread. 

Our tour took us to Caesaria along the coast:

Here were the old toilets at the horse races:

And Haifa:

And Acre (Muslim town):

And cats are the new rats! Much cuter!

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