Thursday, January 23, 2014

Palestine (Jerusalem and Bethlehem)

We made it to Jerusalem which seems to be where all the juicy biblical action seems to be. I remember trying to read the bible front to back in the later elementary years, but all that history and facts ( to this day) seem to be a mumble jumble. So it's wonderful to be here as a visual turned kinesthetic learner to actually see and walk the roads of history.

We started at the mount of olives with 2000 year old olive trees:

Then went to Bethlehem where 20-30% of the population is Christian and the rest Muslim. 

We drove back to Jerusalem, touring the churches and old town, and traced Jesus's final steps to his crucifixion. Again, cool to put places with the stories, but hard to imagine in this built up city. It almost felt like we were worshipping the churches and altars and everything that He touched. 

I kept thinking He was here, but could not sense His presence now. Not that the people are rude or that I don't feel safe...perhaps it's because people don't seem to be happy or perhaps it's me feeling like a tourist. I love our tour group and spending this trip with family and feel closer with each person of our group...but by being in a group is isolating me from the natives. I'm not a backpacker, struggling daily to find my hostel and rely on natives for help and feel blessed afterwards. We're pretty spoiled in our hotel, complete with breakfasts and dinners. And blessed with a great tour guide. 

Now I'm rambling and not sure which direction to take this besides sleep. So goodnight for tonight!

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