Monday, January 27, 2014


Made it safely to the next stop: Istanbul! Just in time for their all time coldest days of winter. Highs of 39 and rainy. Warmer than the Midwest just by a bit, tho I'd probably have a few more layers there since I packed so light this time.

Upon leaving 60 degrees in Jerusalem, parting ways from my family, and departing at 3:10 am for my 7:10 flight, I kept questioning why I'd chosen this journey. Once again the answer became apparent after a few encounters. One girl on the shuttle bus explained to me in detailed English where the bus was going to stop and where I should transfer to the train. My hostel host greeted me with coffee and set me all up with the rest of my turkey itinerary. 

I haven't done much here besides wander around and look at lamps and talk to people...mosques aren't too intriguing after the past week of seeing church after church. So not much to update but here are a few photos for now!

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